Apocalypse. Transfiguration. Gnosis.

The word ARCANA signifies spiritual mysteries. This collection is a celebration of the weird and the paranormal. It combines imagery from global esotericism and the countercultural fringe, creating a portal to the ineffable.

The iconography of the OVERLORDS intentionally juxtaposes the sacred and the profane, the profound and the absurd.

These REPTILIANS are a mirror of the abyss. So be forewarned, “if you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.”


You can learn more about the concepts and symbolism of this collection in our upcoming YouTube series, The Philosophy of Reptilian Overlords Arcana. The series will feature interviews with each member of our creative team, diving deep into the strange and liminal world of the OVERLORDS. Here’s a preview: 




The gates of the mysteries are open.  All must be revealed, so that all can be known.  These images are the first HYPERSIGIL uploaded directly to the blockchain, invoking a NEW AEON of altered perception and conscious apotheosis.



6,666 REPTILIANS will be available for a mint price of 2 SOL. Each reptilian is algorithmically generated from over 200 traits. The details of this collection have been carefully crafted so that each REPTILIAN stands as a unique piece of visionary art. 



Our team’s first major goal after the completed mint of this project is the creation of WYRD — a new social platform designed for eccentrics and cultural nonconformists.  WYRD will provide a unique and lucrative form of long-term utility for holders of the REPTILIAN OVERLORDS ARCANA collection. 



5% of the initial mint and 10% of aftermarket royalties of REPTILIAN OVERLORDS ARCANA will be contributed to a community DAO.  



Members of our community will have the option to stake their NFTs and earn tokens over time. Through WYRD, our team will create a unique economy that can provide this community a long-term source of potential returns. 



In brief: tokens earned through staking can be used for advertising on the WYRD platform.  WYRD will create a marketplace through which token holders can act as affiliates for parties who wish to advertise on the platform.  Those entities will compensate token holders with a percentage of their sales. This utility is explained in greater depth below. 

WYRD will be a social platform for people with unusual passions, practices, values, and beliefs. In recent years, the word geek has gone from being derogatory, to being a badge of honor. We believe that the word weird is due for a similar renaissance.

Each member of our creative team is an OG Weirdo.  We’ve been passionately immersed in every aspect of the cultural fringe our whole lives.

The concept of WYRD is informed by concerns about the cultural and psychological detriments of conventional social media.

We aim to do better in two ways. First, we will deliver a user experience centered on genuine connection and personal wellbeing; our interface will burst filter bubbles rather than reinforce them. Second, we will enact a more ethical business model. WYRD will feature an unprecedented level of data transparency, total user autonomy over their data, and a compensation structure through which users are paid for the data they agree to share.


The tokens earned through staking our NFTs will be called ORGONE.  We aim for these tokens to appreciate in value and deliver long-term earning opportunities through the following strategy. 

Admittedly, this strategy may sound a little complex at first. But we’re confident that crypto and NFT enthusiasts can wrap their heads around nuanced use-cases. 

So here goes!

WYRD will accept ORGONE as payment for advertising space across the platform. Since most holders of our collection will not have a business of their own to advertise, WYRD will create its own affiliate marketing economy.

(Affiliate marketing is an advertising model where a business pays others to market their products or services. The payment occurs as a percentage of the sales generated through the other party’s advertising. Each affiliate is given a unique code to track sales made through their marketing, any time a sale occurs as a result of the affiliates links, they earn a commission.)

On the backend of WYRD, there will be a dedicated space in which ORGONE holders can connect directly with a variety of companies who wish to market to our users. ORGONE holders can then use their tokens to buy targeted advertising impressions across the platform. When those impressions result in click-throughs, and ultimately sales, they will be rewarded with a percentage.

If that sounds like too much work, and you’d like to put your ORGONE to work more passively, you can contribute your tokens to a collective pool with other holders on the backend of our platform. This pool will then distribute its resources to run ads, and you will be paid proportionately to the quantity of tokens you contributed. 

This strategy represents our attempt to take NFT tokenomics to a new level. WYRD will benefit from this arrangement by being paid a small commission on each sale in this affiliate economy, alongside the commission paid to the token holder. Businesses will benefit by being able to advertise to our users with no upfront cost. And members of this community will benefit through a grounded mechanism for ongoing and potentially robust returns. 



The art in this collection arose through an extensive process of collaboration. Each member of the creative team contributed ideas drawn from lifelong immersion in philosophy, spirituality, and the paranormal. The resulting bricolage reflects Hanegraaff’s characterization of the New Age as “the cultic milieu becoming conscious of itself.”

Nathan is an aspiring philosopher, meditation teacher, and entrepreneur. From a young age, he has maintained a dedicated interest in the intersection of alternative spirituality and the paranormal.  He is developing a text that examines the relevance of the UFO and close encounter phenomenon to the philosophical analysis of history.

Nicole is an independent scholar, contemplative practitioner, and entrepreneur. Her interests range from the philosophy of science and mathematics to the emergence of post-integral theory. She is developing a Prolegomena exploring the future possibility of a non-physicalist singularity.

Seth is a lifelong artist, musician, and esotericist. His areas of study range from chaos magick to traditional western hermeticism.  Seth has traveled the world and plumbed the depths of arcane literature in search of spiritual knowledge.

Matt is a systems administrator at one of the nation’s leading aerospace organizations. Matt’s career spans twenty years of advanced computing experience. His education has been primarily focused on applied mathematics and computer science. In addition to his role in this project, Matt will oversee the development of WYRD.

Why did you choose reptilians as the focus of this collection?

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” 

     – C.G. Jung 

Where and when can I mint a REPTILIAN?

The mint date will be announced soon. You will be able to mint items in this collection on our website or directly through our smart contract. 

How can I get on the whitelist?

Whitelist announcements will occur soon through our Discord.

Why 6,666?


“Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.”

     – Revelation 13:18

What blockchain does the collection inhabit?


The entities in this collection will manifest on Solana. Sol, the sun, is the key to inner planes of initiation. It is the vital principle of creative energy, the will to radiate the light of spirit through the prism of personal identity.

What will the mint price be?


Items in this collection will mint for 2 SOL.

How much of this is serious, and how much of it is tongue-in-cheek?

According to the Buddhist philosopher Nagarjuna, one cannot ultimately state whether a given phenomenon is, is not, both is and is not, or neither is nor is not.

How many traits and attributes are there?

There are currently over 200 traits distributed over 8 layers. We are still expanding the final trait count to deliver the most comprehensive thematic statement possible.

When will the reveal be?


The reveal will take place 24 hours after the mint.